Welcome to the Jungle!

safaricupcakes The jungle took over Beverly’s Birthdays in August with some awesome safari themed parties. The little explorers set off to hunt down animals with their homemade binoculars. Eat n’Park, our newest corporate sponsor, helped conquer the jungle at East End with our brave explorers!

The games and crafts for the safari party are easy to do and appropriate for all ages. The kids were able to use the crafts they created in the games they participated in at the end of the party.


Explorer Binoculars


  • 2 toilet paper rolls (you can buy colored ones at Michael’s)
  • Hole puncher
  • String
  • Markers
  • Glitter glue
  • Stapler and/or tape

We suggest that the bincoulars are put together before the party begins. Simply staple or tape two toilet paper rolls together, punch a hole on the outside of each and tie some strings to help them hang around your neck! The kids can use whatever they want to decorate their own pair for their safari adventure.

Parrot Puppet

  • Red paper bags
  • Pre-cut paper feathers (varied construction paper)
  • Pre-cut beak pieces (orange construction paper)
  • Pre-cut feet pieces (orange construction paper)
  • Feathers
  • Google eyes
  • Markers
  • Rhinestones
  • Craft bond glue sticks

This craft involves some preparation! The feathers, beaks and feet all are easier when cut before the party. Children are able to pick out feathers, add color, and decorate their parrot with google eyes.

Elephant Hat


This craft was bought on Oriental Trading and everything is included in the pack. The kids loved being able to wear these around the party!

Monkey Masks


  • Small paper plates
  • Pre-cut brown circle (same size as plate, brown construction paper)
  • Pre-cut tan medium ovals for mouth (construction paper)
  • Pre-cut small tan cirlces for ears (construction paper)
  • White figure eight cut out for eyes (construction paper)
  • Google eyes
  • Craft bond glue sticks
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Black Marker

Starting the party off with everything pre-cut is a great idea for this craft. Even laying out all the peices for one mask at each chair setting will help. Also, we suggest gluing/taping the popsicle stick to the paper plate prior to the party. The picture to the right shows an example of what a final mask should look like (minus the elephant ears hidiing behind it!)

Turtle Shells

turtle shells

  • Green posterboard
  • Green Ribbon
  • Markers

The kids LOVED these turtle shells, especially the boys. This craft is easy to pre-assemble and fun to decoarate. As you can see from the picture, decorating them as Ninja Turtle shells were the popular thing to do.

Safari Hunt

This is where those homemade binoculars come in! This game is super easy to create.  When you think of making this game, envision a bingo board.  The cards for this game will look the same and you will want to print off each picture as you would do in creating the bingo game. Put several different types of animal that would find in the jungle on your card.  You will use the printed off pictures to hide around the party area.   Each child should have their own bingo card to cross off animals as they find them. Remind each child to put the animal back in its place so other children have the opportunity to find it as well. The first child that finds all the hidden animals, wins! This is a great game for younger children to pair up with an adult and hunt together. Let the hunt begin!

Pin the Cupcake on the… Alligator?

Just like the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey just instead you want to feed the hungry alligator! Those alligators have more than just one sweet tooth! This game can be found at Target.


Bird Seed Relay

  • 4 cups
  • 2 spoons
  • Bird seed

This game is fun and involves teamwork! Form two teams and fill two cups with bird seed. Set the remaining two cups a few feet away from the filled cups. Now, the goal is for teams to get all the bird seed from the filled cup to the other. It isn’t the first team done that wins, it is whichever team has the most bird seed in the cup at the end. Ready… set… go!

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers for helping us out with these parties! We couldn’t do it with out you : )


Precious, Precious Princesses

princess crown border

                                             Princesses for a Purpose


Beverly’s Birthdays is very lucky to not only have the support of the community, but businesses in the community.  When businesses outreach to us, we are able to reach more children in need.  Y-O-U are what helps our mission statement become an action.  With that being said, we owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Bella Capelli Beauty Academy- Monroeville who is our fairy godmother in this Cinderella story. They made this event a possibility.  We truly appreciate the time and talent donated by your students.  They helped make every little girl feel special and like a princess for the day.
  bella capelli  Hair 2
Nails did

 Party Details & Elements

Our princess event turned out princess perfect! This party would work great for your next little girl’s birthday party or fun girls’ slumber party! Be the hostess with the mostest and throw a party fit for a princess! The following includes the details and elements to recreate a princess party:

  • Princess theme cupcakes
  • Princess plates & napkins, pink tablecloths, purple juices
  • Crowns, Wands, & Party Favor Bags-ring pop, princess fruit snacks, candy necklaces, princess jewelry, royal word search
  • Create your own headband
  • Hand print Castle
  • Edible Princess Jewelry
  • Hair & nails
  • Princess Story Corner

Nothing says princess party like having princesses in attendance of the ball! We invited all guests to dress up like their favorite princess. It was priceless to the faces of our little princesses when they realized our special guests were Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, Ariel, & Merida! We were very lucky to have the help and support of FX Face Painting & Fairtytale Princess Parties, Pittsburgh. We encourage you to follow their Facebook Page and consider having them as entertainment at your next party. They were amazing with all our little princesses and made the event extra special! We are very EXCITED to announce we are their benefactor of choice! We are very gracious for this honor. A portion of every party, FX Face Painting & Fairytale Princess Parties, Pittsburgh, will go to Beverly’s Birthdays. How thoughtful and generous just like a princess from a fairytale!

                                     TABLE ARRANGEMENT

                             PRINCESS CAKE & CUPCAKES
craft workHandprints 2Handprint Craft
Necklacesfruit loop necklace
                                             CRAFT TABLES

The color scheme used for this party was pretty pinks.  The cupcakes had a cute detail of ruffled butter cream frosting to resemble the different princesses dresses.  Corresponding princesses were placed on top of the cupcakes with included fondant details to match the princess character.  The cupcakes had a surprise filling of custard.  The aroma of sweet frosting permeated the room drawing a very eager crowd of princesses with a sweet tooth!  THANK YOU to Sue McLaughlin for providing the delicious sweet treats for this event!  Her work is always amazing.

Are you interested in getting involved with Beverly’s Birthdays?  Consider throwing your next child’s birthday in honor of Beverly’s Birthdays.  Do your kids have too many toys?! Ask guests to bring a gift for a homeless child in lieu of gifts for the birthday boy/girl.  For more information regarding making Beverly’s Birthdays the benefactor of your next birthday party contact our Program Coordinator at MMesser@Beverlysbirthdays.org.

We would love to hear your creative craft and game ideas for our next homeless shelter party.  We throw an average of 8 parties a month so we can always use cute ideas!

We’d like to finish by saying THANK YOU to all the princesses and their queens(moms) for sharing your Sunday with us.  We hope you had a royal day getting pampered.  You deserve it! Your support helps us make more at risk youth’s happy endings come true.

When we instill the value of service in our youth, we will create individuals who like the person in the mirror staring back at them.

the end



Out of their World

alien cupcakes May was an awesome party month for Beverly’s Birthdays filled with
0-U-T-E-R S-P-A-C-E  themed parties . We blasted off with our astronauts on a journey through the unknown.  Hold on to your seat as we share our Spacetacular crafts and activities so you can recreate an out of this world party for you child’s next birthday!  3-2-1……BLAST OFF!!!!

We started our parties this month with games outside first so our very excited high energy astronauts wouldn’t cause another Big Bang when we squeezed them all inside.  The games we created this month were appropriate for all age ranges, with the little ones being provided assistance by an adult. Explore the games below and the items needed.

Saturn’s Rings Bean Bag Toss
    -Sidewalk Chalksaturns ring toss
    -Bean Bags

Using the side-walk chalk, draw one large circle.  Using another color draw a smaller circle inside the large circle.  Lastly, choose another new color and draw a small circle within the last circle you drew.  The circles represent Saturn’s rings.  Your drawing should look similar to the picture on the right.  Have kids line up 10-15 feet behind Saturn.  Allow each child to make three tosses with the bean bags.  After the child has dropped all three bean bags total their score.  The inside circle is 3 points, middle circle 2 points, and the outer circle point is 1.  The child with the most points wins!

Hot Rock
     -Aluminum Foil
   – Styrofoam Ball (Purchased at a craft store)

Cover the Styrofoam ball with the aluminum foil so that the Styrofoam is no longer showing.  This game is appropriate for smaller space cadets.  Have the children sit in a circle and pass the rock around until you say METEOR.  The person who is holding the rock when you yell METEOR is out.  Make the circle smaller each time a person is out.  The last person sitting wins!  This is came is similar to hot potato.

rocket rokcet launchZ rpcket slam

Rocket Launch
     -Kit was purchased with rocket and launcher in box from Toy Section at Target.

The rocket is attached to the clear tube.  Kids step on the pump to launch rocket into the air.  We had children each take a turn launching the rocket.  The other astronauts try catching the rocket ship as it descends back to Earth.

Gravity Free Grub

We created this game to simulate what it is like to eat in space where there is zero gravity.  First, we tied the donuts to the string.  Make sure to cut the string extra long so you can hang it.  The easiest cleanest place to do this activity is from a tree outside.  Make sure to cudonutt the strings depending on the child’s height.  It should reach their mouth.  Now for the fun part!  Have children put their hands behind their backs and eat the donut.  This is a great game for action shots so get those cameras ready! You will want to capture these cute cadets!

If you have a larger group of children, we encourage breaking them up into smaller groups.  Have the games as stations with an adult per each game.  When breaking up into groups, try to keep the same aged children together so the skill level is similar.

Defying the outside black hole, our space troopers made it back inside to the spacecraft…

Make your own flying saucer
    –Hot glue gun
    -Easter Eggsplanets
    -Glitter pens
-Alien Stickers

A little preparation goes into this craft.  Before the party, an adult should create UFOs.  Separate the Easter eggs into halves.  Using the glue gun, glue each side of the half egg to the top and bottom of the cd.  They should look like the picture to the right.  We provided the cadets with glitter glue and stickers to use their NASA skills to create their vision of what a UFO might look like.  This is a great craft for children of all ages!

Create a Planet
Coffee Filter
    -Washable Marker
    -Water Spritz bottle


Using the markers provided, the children can color on their coffee filters so create the designs they see when viewing the planets through a telescope.  After the coloring is complete, set the coffee filter on a paper plate.  Let your little astronaut spray it with water until the colors bleed into each other creating a marbled color effect similar to those seen on the planets!


Sand Art Space Mural
    -Kit purchased off Oriental Trading (includes sticky pictures andspace_sand_art individual colors of sand)

This craft takes more time than the others and is suitable for older children.  It can also get messy with the sand so it is advised that this activity be done at an outdoor table.

Astronaut Helmets
    -Paper Plates
    -Multiple colors of construction paper
    -Popsicle sticks

This activity involves some prep.  Prior to the party, cut out half of the inside of a paper plate.  Glue a popsicle stick on one side so it may be used as a handle to the mask.  We also pre-cut the little pieces using stencil punchers.  We put all the materials on the tables and let the children pick out the shapes and colors they liked for their astronaut helmet.  Glue sticks were used to place the pieces on the paper plates.  This craft is appropriate for all ages!  Now your space cadets have the helmet to be a real astronaut.  They can shoot for their dreams long after the party is over!

girlyastro astro

Build an Alien
Magic Model

alien craft

Each child was given a small piece of model magic in 5 various colors.  Let the children work with the clay to create an alien! Let them use their imaginations!  This is great for sensory play for the little ones.  Model sand can be placed in aluminum bins  where children can play with the modeling sand similar to a sand box.

We incorporated our theme throughout the party into our decor, party favors, and cupcakes. For this month’s party favor, we treated our astronauts to a sweet treat real NASA space cadets enjoy when in space…ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM!  The ice cream went perfect with these cupcakes solarstellar cupcakes!!  Even our armature bakers out their could shoot for the moon and make these! They were created by one of our talented bakers, Brittany Pruchnicki, using a sucker and a peach ring to resemble Saturn.  Brittany has a non-profit organization in the Pittsburgh area called Birthday Cakes 4 Free.  She provides birthdays cakes, free of charge, to financially or socially disadvantaged children on their special day.  Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more amazing cake ideas!

This month’s parties were a complete blast.  We wouldn’t have been able to put them on without the help of our amazing volunteers.  THANK YOU for all your help.  You are making this universe a better place.  We feel extremely lucky to be able to take these less fortunate children out of their worlds, even if it is only for 2 hours.  By showing an interest in their lives, we hope to teach them to reach for the stars.



shoot for the moon






































Guidance Providing Society

Guidance Providing Society

Last week, while dutifully spending my daily, very committed, hour to Facebook, I came across a video on the Elephant Journals feed. I watched the video last week but it has been stuck in my mind since. Maybe it is due to the fact we work with homeless children on a weekly basis. Whatever the reason- I was moved

I strongly encourage you to watch the film.  It is an inspiring, beautiful story that should be shared.  It helps me to remember that despite there being bad in this world there is also good

Shalla Monteiro who took the time to befriend a homeless man, Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho , showed true courage and warm hearted kindness for this man.  She had the courage to step back from societies conforming ideals.  How many people would take the time out of their day to talk to someone who is considered below them on societies economic ladder and Homeless Manappears to have absolutely nothing to offer them??  Time is money in today’s world and I think many of us wouldn’t have stopped to share precious minutes with this homeless man.  Do I think we are unkind?  No.  The world is full of kind, generous people but due to the stigma placed around homeless people, we are afraid to even acknowledge or interact with someone who lives on the streets.  What we forget is that man and/or woman on the street is a person.  A person with talents and a story to share.

Every person has a story…a past that has gotten them to where they are at this Homelessman and womanpresent moment.  Some people’s paths may seem very windy with a lot of dead ends.  They may have taken some wrong turns that led them to the road they are on now.  Just because we hit one road block doesn’t mean there isn’t another route.  Although if we are in an unfamiliar area, we may need assistance.  We need guided by someone or something that is familiar with that territory.  We depend on and trust our GPS to take us everywhere in life.  Why do we put our confidence in technology but not each other?

The example of being lost is very applicable to life.  Instead of relying on a GPS to tell us the turn by turns, what if as a society we offer guidance to each other in life?  Our paths might not be known or traveled by us however, a stranger may have had a similar struggle and can offer guidance out of the dead end.  None of us have the exact same life but two people may have traveled down  similar paths at one time.  You may have taken the right turn and they took the wrong turn…

As an organization, we get to work with children who have megshomelessyouthended up on a windy road due to the circumstances that life has presented them in.  Without guidance, these children are headed for an arduous road ahead.  If they are lucky they will meet someone like Shalla Monteiro who will help put their path on track.  Lost children may become lost men and women. 

The statistics on homeless youth are heart-breaking:

  1. The percentage of homeless youth in the United States has increased by 10% in the last year.

  2. There are a reported 1.1 million children homeless children in the United States.  Many cases go under the radar and are not included in this astounding number.

  3. In Pennsylvania, there were 19,905 youth reported homeless in 2013.

  4. There are 2500 homeless children reported in Allegheny County.

  5. Within Allegheny County there are 27 homeless shelters.

  6. Homeless children are 60% more likely to drop out of school.


Guiding our homelessness youth to choose different routes for their future is instrumental in decreasing the chance of them being homeless adults. WE all have something to share to help others.  Instead of making assumptions about one another; Get to know each other. We might just learn something that helps us through this never ending road we call life.  We need to stop judging and start helping.  Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho has a story that got him to the point of homelessness.  Maybe his situation could have been prevented had someone taken the time to see him as a person sooner.  As a society wouldn’t you say we get multiple chances in love, friendship, health, employment- in LIFE?   Let’s take a chance just as Shalla Monteiro did.  We may uncover a beautiful story or help someone reach their final destination that took a wrong turn somewhere along their journey. 

Did you enjoy this blog?  Please comment and share this story with others. For opportunities to get involved with homeless youth in the Pittsburgh area e-mail our Volunteer and Program Coordinator, Michelle Messer, at MMesser@beverlysbirthdays.org.  To learn more about Beverly’s Birthdays visit our website www.beverlysbirthdays.org.


Front Buis Card (2)


Our Hometwon Hero, MEGS!

Hometown HeroesBeverly’s Birthdays would like to congratulate our Hometown Hero, Ms. Megs!  Megs was accompanied to the dinner by her husband- Mike, parents, team-Josh and Michelle, and Mike Harding at the event on Thursday, March 6th.  It was an exciting evening that celebrated Megs as a hero in the Pittsburgh community. Image

Many people have different definitions of the word hero.  Megs is a true hero in the eyes of everyone who know her.  Her commitment to helping others is a true inspiration.  She is devoted to helping the homeless youth in the Pittsburgh region and she continues to expand her non-profit all while growing her own family.  Megs is admired not only by young boys and girls in elementary school but also by high school and college student groups that she speaks to about her non-profit and mission to help homeless children and their families.  Megs is a positive role model that kids can aspire to become.  Megs is a genuine person that is making a large impact on PittsburghImage.

Megs would love to reach even more children than she already has touched.  She has BIG plans for the future of Beverly’s Birthdays and hopes to give even more birthdays to children this year than she celebrated last year.  This year alone she has already given 86 children cheer bins! 

Let’s help Megs reach even more children and families this year! Meg’s greatly admires all the life changing things ImageEllen does and would secretly LOVE to be on her show!    If you have been touched by Meg’s story help us get her on the Ellen Show!! Simply go to this link- http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/838 and tell Ellen the many reasons why Megs deserves to hear from her!  Let’s help this dream become a reality!


Beverly’s Birthdays would like to welcome our new intern, Jade Leitzel.  We are very excited to have her as part of our Beverly’s Birthdays Team!  Jade is a student at Duquense University and will be helping us with social media, parties, and events.  Look for her blogs in the near future!  Welcome Jade!!

Do you believe in Magic?

Beverly’s Birthdays had another busy week of successful parties!  If you aren’t familiar with Beverly’s parties, here is what a typical Bev’s party includes.  First, we start off feeding the hungry, hungry children with pizza.  Everyone knows it isn’t a party without pizza!Smilepizza  After pizza, the fun transpires with games and crafts that incorporate our theme.  This week’s theme was MAGIC! The kids created magician top hats and bunny picture magnets. craftcollage The children were extremely lucky at this party because in place of games, we had a real magician- Weird Eric!  The East End Ministry group of kids were mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed themselvesmesmorizedbymagician.  Arms raised fast with an eagerness to participate when Weird Eric asked for the audiences involvement.  The last element to a Beverly’s party is signing the traditional song, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and cupcakes!

At a glance, it might seem like Beverly’s Birthdays puts on a party that creates one happy moment in these underprivileged kids’ lives.  The happiness we create may seem short lived because despite our joyous celebrations, these children are still going through arduous situations.  The hard reality is as soon as our hour with them is over and they walk out the doors, life is still waiting for them.  Yes, we create short-term happiness by throwing birthday parties and giving them a cheer bin on their birthday but if you delve a little deeper, you will see we are throwing much more than a party.  We are giving them a sense of normalcy in their chaotic world.  Many of their classmates have celebrated every single birthday, as they should.  Our dBarry&Kellyay of birth is a special day, once a year, to celebrate our life.  Unfortunately, the kids we serve haven’t gotten to celebrate every year of their life.  Our parties give them an experience they can share among their friends.  Another intangible item we believe the children of Beverly’s gain from our celebrations is love.  We have amazing volunteers that just don’t make crafts with the kids but divulge in meaningful conversation.  They show an interest in how their day was.  It is heartbreaking, but many these children aren’t receiving love and attention every day.  Every child deserves to feel important.  The kids we serve gain confidence and feel worth because of the attention Beverly’s Birthdays party staff gives them.  Positive encouragement is a large component of Bev’s parties because all children need to hear words of praise.  MegsbowlingThe last underlying lesson gained at a party is respect.  Miss Megs starts off every party with the familiar Aretha Franklin song, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”  We tell the children in order to get respect you must give it.  Bevs is giving the kids much more than birthday cheer.  By showing them love and respect we give them a confidence they  otherwise lack in their lives.  In turn, the kids show us a great appreciation.  They are the most grateful kids despite receiving, what some might say is the short end of the stick in life.  Lastly,  Bevs teaches the art of giving and helping your neighbor.  We’re teaching the kids you always have something to give, even if your pockets are empty.  Just spending time with someone has the ability to change their day; maybe even their life.  We hope by witnessing what we do, we inadvertently create a future population of generous people where helping others is a normal part of life.  Beverly’s Birthdays may just throw birthday parties, but these magical moments that benefit the kids initially, have the ability to affect them lifelong.

We’d like to share some of these magical moments  from our last party with East End Ministry…






THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers that made this memorable party possible.

New Year, new YOU!


Happy New Year!  It’s that time of the year again. A time when everyone around the world looks at what is wrong with their lives and promises to make changes over the course of a year.  Sadly, statistics show only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. Let’s change the trend of New Year’s resolutions and pledge to make change happen. Instead of trying to force change into your own life why not make a resolution for 2014 to change a child’s life? By becoming involved in a child’s life you have the ability to not only change their day, but to impact their lives forever.  Many of the children Beverly’s gets to work with have witnessed and gone through situations a child should never have to experience.  These kids need a chance to forget the pressure of life and just be carefree kids. At Beverly’s birthday parties, we get to see the children in their natural element- singing, laughing, and playing. groupPutting a smile on a disadvantaged child may be one of the best feelings.  It will truly warm your heart.  Until you have your first experience with a child of need, my words are just that words.  But to those readers who are lucky enough to have shared an experience with a homeless child these words will derive emotion. zandmegs Miss Megs is a great example of this and is brought to tears talking about her moving experiences with the children at the shelters we serve.  These emotions show that these kids have touched our lives.  After time spent changing kids’ lives, you will realize you are the one who is actually changed.  You can do something positive to not only change a child’s life but your own.  The best way to implement a lifelong change is to act so that behavior becomes learned.  By getting your entire household involved you employ change that will live on far beyond you.  Helping others can become a learned behavior that develops into a regular activity of their life.  Like a stone tossed into a pond that sends ripples, your simple act to impact one child’s life has the ability to cascade into many lives.  Make volunteering a weekly or monthly devotion rather than once a year activity.  Let’s beat the odds this year and make a resolution that lasts.  Challenge yourself to make a positive change in someone else’s life.  Witnessing the moments of happiness you created for others may spark a change within yourself.  Before you know it, the person you promised to become year after year in failed New Year’s resolutions will be staring back at you.  You may not be able to change the world but you do have the power to change your world.

z                   pizza                       reindeer

Pittsburgh Pirates-CARE-avan

Beverly’s Birthdays got an extra special guest last week, the PITTSBURGH PIRATES!  The Pittsburgh Pirates graced us with their presence and  PRESENTS!!


Beverly’s was lucky enough to be part of the Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 CARE-a-van which began on December 11th.  The Pirates toured over 15 cities where they participated in community events with area non-profits and schools throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.  Beverly’s Birthdays feels incredibly lucky to have had these Pittsburgh sports stars in our office! It was hard to contain our

excitement when the Pirates  bus pulled up and out walked Tony Sanchez, Tony Watson, Josh Harrison, and first base coach Rick Sofield.  The guys didn’t come empty handed and brought cheer bins with them!Gettingoffbus

We can’t thank these outstanding role models enough for donating their time and gifts! Some very lucky birthday boys and girls will receive these extra special cheer bins on their birthday  A HUGE THANK YOU to the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization for making Beverly’s Birthdays part of this outstanding community outreach project! We can’t wait to CHEER on the Pirates this upcoming season. GO BUCS!! 

Beverly’s was fortunate enough to also get these hometown favorites John Hancock’s on a few items that will be part of Beverly’s Birthdays Evening of Cheer Chinese auction!  Tickets can be purchased to win the autographed items from these awesome athletes!

Autographs           autographs2


Our annual fundraiser will take place on Monday, February 10th from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Hard Rock Café in Station Square.  Join us for a night full of cheer and birthday FUN!  A lot of big things have happened during our 2nd year and we want to celebrate with you!  Take advantage of our EARLY BIRD special and get your tickets at a discount.  Tickets can be purchased at the following site: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-evening-of-birthday-cheer-2nd-birthday-tickets-9583034113.

For more information regarding the Evening of Cheer visit our event page on facebook.  Our facebook page also includes more photos of our exciting visit with the Pittsburgh Pirates!


Thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates players for making it happen!  We truly appreciate the great work you are doing in the community!



Rudolph the red nose reindeer


We love that our job is spreading birthday cheer but we also love celebrating the holidays and spreading Christmas cheer!  The seasons are a great opportunity to spend time with the ones you love and to make the most of family time.  Christmas music is a genre of its own and is a great way to get the entire family in the mood for Christmas.  Children across America will be singing the popular holiday song, Rudolph the red nose reindeer.  This week for our recipe to spread cheer, we would like to share with you an edible cookie craft that is perfect to make with your kids!

These are fun cookies that require no oven! They can be made with children of all ages ranging from infant to teenager.  The ingredients needed are as follows:Reindeercookies

  • A package of Nutter Butter cookies (if your child has a peanut allergy, any cookies will do)
  • A bag of pretzel twists
  • A bag of M&M’s chocolate candies
  • A bag of M&M’s chocolate candies

Lay cookies out on plates.  The vanilla frosting is going to act as the “glue” for this project.  Have the kids attach one pretzel at the top of the cookie to serve as the antlers.  Then attach two brown M&M’s for the eyes and one red chocolate candy to make Rudolph’s shiny nose (like a light bulb!).  Your Rudolph cookies is complete!

We hope you enjoy this festive craft that will help your
family get in the holiday spirits.  If your family is interested in doing
a service project please consider coming to Beverly’s Birthdays Family Cheer
Day on Saturday, December 21st from 12:00pm-2:30pm at our office in North Huntingdon, PA.  This will allow you and your family the opportunity to put together the cheer bins we distribute to the homeless children of Pittsburgh on their birthdays!  Please register here https://secure.jotform.us/form/33435137965157.

For additional information, please feel free to e-mail Beverly’s at getinvolved@beverlsbirthdays.org.

A HUGE thank you goes out to our Beverly’s bakers who donated their time and talent in the kitchen making cookies for our Baker’s Blitz last week. Our first cookies sale was a success! We couldn’t have done it without great volunteers who contributed all the delicious baked goods!

Stay warm this week in the cold weather by warming your hearts making lasting memories of time spent with loved ones.  Although this time of year may be stressful, we encourage each of you to bring cheer to someone’s day this holiday season.  Spreading cheer doesn’t have to cost money and can be as simple as a smile to a stranger!  A perfect way to spread cheer that only asks you to donate your time is our Family Cheer Day!  We would love for more of you to become part of our Beverly’s family and to make lasting memories with us.