Out of their World

alien cupcakes May was an awesome party month for Beverly’s Birthdays filled with
0-U-T-E-R S-P-A-C-E  themed parties . We blasted off with our astronauts on a journey through the unknown.  Hold on to your seat as we share our Spacetacular crafts and activities so you can recreate an out of this world party for you child’s next birthday!  3-2-1……BLAST OFF!!!!

We started our parties this month with games outside first so our very excited high energy astronauts wouldn’t cause another Big Bang when we squeezed them all inside.  The games we created this month were appropriate for all age ranges, with the little ones being provided assistance by an adult. Explore the games below and the items needed.

Saturn’s Rings Bean Bag Toss
    -Sidewalk Chalksaturns ring toss
    -Bean Bags

Using the side-walk chalk, draw one large circle.  Using another color draw a smaller circle inside the large circle.  Lastly, choose another new color and draw a small circle within the last circle you drew.  The circles represent Saturn’s rings.  Your drawing should look similar to the picture on the right.  Have kids line up 10-15 feet behind Saturn.  Allow each child to make three tosses with the bean bags.  After the child has dropped all three bean bags total their score.  The inside circle is 3 points, middle circle 2 points, and the outer circle point is 1.  The child with the most points wins!

Hot Rock
     -Aluminum Foil
   – Styrofoam Ball (Purchased at a craft store)

Cover the Styrofoam ball with the aluminum foil so that the Styrofoam is no longer showing.  This game is appropriate for smaller space cadets.  Have the children sit in a circle and pass the rock around until you say METEOR.  The person who is holding the rock when you yell METEOR is out.  Make the circle smaller each time a person is out.  The last person sitting wins!  This is came is similar to hot potato.

rocket rokcet launchZ rpcket slam

Rocket Launch
     -Kit was purchased with rocket and launcher in box from Toy Section at Target.

The rocket is attached to the clear tube.  Kids step on the pump to launch rocket into the air.  We had children each take a turn launching the rocket.  The other astronauts try catching the rocket ship as it descends back to Earth.

Gravity Free Grub

We created this game to simulate what it is like to eat in space where there is zero gravity.  First, we tied the donuts to the string.  Make sure to cut the string extra long so you can hang it.  The easiest cleanest place to do this activity is from a tree outside.  Make sure to cudonutt the strings depending on the child’s height.  It should reach their mouth.  Now for the fun part!  Have children put their hands behind their backs and eat the donut.  This is a great game for action shots so get those cameras ready! You will want to capture these cute cadets!

If you have a larger group of children, we encourage breaking them up into smaller groups.  Have the games as stations with an adult per each game.  When breaking up into groups, try to keep the same aged children together so the skill level is similar.

Defying the outside black hole, our space troopers made it back inside to the spacecraft…

Make your own flying saucer
    –Hot glue gun
    -Easter Eggsplanets
    -Glitter pens
-Alien Stickers

A little preparation goes into this craft.  Before the party, an adult should create UFOs.  Separate the Easter eggs into halves.  Using the glue gun, glue each side of the half egg to the top and bottom of the cd.  They should look like the picture to the right.  We provided the cadets with glitter glue and stickers to use their NASA skills to create their vision of what a UFO might look like.  This is a great craft for children of all ages!

Create a Planet
Coffee Filter
    -Washable Marker
    -Water Spritz bottle


Using the markers provided, the children can color on their coffee filters so create the designs they see when viewing the planets through a telescope.  After the coloring is complete, set the coffee filter on a paper plate.  Let your little astronaut spray it with water until the colors bleed into each other creating a marbled color effect similar to those seen on the planets!


Sand Art Space Mural
    -Kit purchased off Oriental Trading (includes sticky pictures andspace_sand_art individual colors of sand)

This craft takes more time than the others and is suitable for older children.  It can also get messy with the sand so it is advised that this activity be done at an outdoor table.

Astronaut Helmets
    -Paper Plates
    -Multiple colors of construction paper
    -Popsicle sticks

This activity involves some prep.  Prior to the party, cut out half of the inside of a paper plate.  Glue a popsicle stick on one side so it may be used as a handle to the mask.  We also pre-cut the little pieces using stencil punchers.  We put all the materials on the tables and let the children pick out the shapes and colors they liked for their astronaut helmet.  Glue sticks were used to place the pieces on the paper plates.  This craft is appropriate for all ages!  Now your space cadets have the helmet to be a real astronaut.  They can shoot for their dreams long after the party is over!

girlyastro astro

Build an Alien
Magic Model

alien craft

Each child was given a small piece of model magic in 5 various colors.  Let the children work with the clay to create an alien! Let them use their imaginations!  This is great for sensory play for the little ones.  Model sand can be placed in aluminum bins  where children can play with the modeling sand similar to a sand box.

We incorporated our theme throughout the party into our decor, party favors, and cupcakes. For this month’s party favor, we treated our astronauts to a sweet treat real NASA space cadets enjoy when in space…ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM!  The ice cream went perfect with these cupcakes solarstellar cupcakes!!  Even our armature bakers out their could shoot for the moon and make these! They were created by one of our talented bakers, Brittany Pruchnicki, using a sucker and a peach ring to resemble Saturn.  Brittany has a non-profit organization in the Pittsburgh area called Birthday Cakes 4 Free.  She provides birthdays cakes, free of charge, to financially or socially disadvantaged children on their special day.  Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more amazing cake ideas!

This month’s parties were a complete blast.  We wouldn’t have been able to put them on without the help of our amazing volunteers.  THANK YOU for all your help.  You are making this universe a better place.  We feel extremely lucky to be able to take these less fortunate children out of their worlds, even if it is only for 2 hours.  By showing an interest in their lives, we hope to teach them to reach for the stars.



shoot for the moon