Our Hometwon Hero, MEGS!

Hometown HeroesBeverly’s Birthdays would like to congratulate our Hometown Hero, Ms. Megs!  Megs was accompanied to the dinner by her husband- Mike, parents, team-Josh and Michelle, and Mike Harding at the event on Thursday, March 6th.  It was an exciting evening that celebrated Megs as a hero in the Pittsburgh community. Image

Many people have different definitions of the word hero.  Megs is a true hero in the eyes of everyone who know her.  Her commitment to helping others is a true inspiration.  She is devoted to helping the homeless youth in the Pittsburgh region and she continues to expand her non-profit all while growing her own family.  Megs is admired not only by young boys and girls in elementary school but also by high school and college student groups that she speaks to about her non-profit and mission to help homeless children and their families.  Megs is a positive role model that kids can aspire to become.  Megs is a genuine person that is making a large impact on PittsburghImage.

Megs would love to reach even more children than she already has touched.  She has BIG plans for the future of Beverly’s Birthdays and hopes to give even more birthdays to children this year than she celebrated last year.  This year alone she has already given 86 children cheer bins! 

Let’s help Megs reach even more children and families this year! Meg’s greatly admires all the life changing things ImageEllen does and would secretly LOVE to be on her show!    If you have been touched by Meg’s story help us get her on the Ellen Show!! Simply go to this link- http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/838 and tell Ellen the many reasons why Megs deserves to hear from her!  Let’s help this dream become a reality!


Beverly’s Birthdays would like to welcome our new intern, Jade Leitzel.  We are very excited to have her as part of our Beverly’s Birthdays Team!  Jade is a student at Duquense University and will be helping us with social media, parties, and events.  Look for her blogs in the near future!  Welcome Jade!!

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