Do you believe in Magic?

Beverly’s Birthdays had another busy week of successful parties!  If you aren’t familiar with Beverly’s parties, here is what a typical Bev’s party includes.  First, we start off feeding the hungry, hungry children with pizza.  Everyone knows it isn’t a party without pizza!Smilepizza  After pizza, the fun transpires with games and crafts that incorporate our theme.  This week’s theme was MAGIC! The kids created magician top hats and bunny picture magnets. craftcollage The children were extremely lucky at this party because in place of games, we had a real magician- Weird Eric!  The East End Ministry group of kids were mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed themselvesmesmorizedbymagician.  Arms raised fast with an eagerness to participate when Weird Eric asked for the audiences involvement.  The last element to a Beverly’s party is signing the traditional song, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and cupcakes!

At a glance, it might seem like Beverly’s Birthdays puts on a party that creates one happy moment in these underprivileged kids’ lives.  The happiness we create may seem short lived because despite our joyous celebrations, these children are still going through arduous situations.  The hard reality is as soon as our hour with them is over and they walk out the doors, life is still waiting for them.  Yes, we create short-term happiness by throwing birthday parties and giving them a cheer bin on their birthday but if you delve a little deeper, you will see we are throwing much more than a party.  We are giving them a sense of normalcy in their chaotic world.  Many of their classmates have celebrated every single birthday, as they should.  Our dBarry&Kellyay of birth is a special day, once a year, to celebrate our life.  Unfortunately, the kids we serve haven’t gotten to celebrate every year of their life.  Our parties give them an experience they can share among their friends.  Another intangible item we believe the children of Beverly’s gain from our celebrations is love.  We have amazing volunteers that just don’t make crafts with the kids but divulge in meaningful conversation.  They show an interest in how their day was.  It is heartbreaking, but many these children aren’t receiving love and attention every day.  Every child deserves to feel important.  The kids we serve gain confidence and feel worth because of the attention Beverly’s Birthdays party staff gives them.  Positive encouragement is a large component of Bev’s parties because all children need to hear words of praise.  MegsbowlingThe last underlying lesson gained at a party is respect.  Miss Megs starts off every party with the familiar Aretha Franklin song, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”  We tell the children in order to get respect you must give it.  Bevs is giving the kids much more than birthday cheer.  By showing them love and respect we give them a confidence they  otherwise lack in their lives.  In turn, the kids show us a great appreciation.  They are the most grateful kids despite receiving, what some might say is the short end of the stick in life.  Lastly,  Bevs teaches the art of giving and helping your neighbor.  We’re teaching the kids you always have something to give, even if your pockets are empty.  Just spending time with someone has the ability to change their day; maybe even their life.  We hope by witnessing what we do, we inadvertently create a future population of generous people where helping others is a normal part of life.  Beverly’s Birthdays may just throw birthday parties, but these magical moments that benefit the kids initially, have the ability to affect them lifelong.

We’d like to share some of these magical moments  from our last party with East End Ministry…






THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers that made this memorable party possible.

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