A Bewitching Birthday Boonanza


Creak, Cackle, SHRIEK! No eerie sounds were to be heard at last weeks Halloween party with one of our local shelters.   Only sounds of children shrieking with excitement brewed from the children’s activity room.  Beverly’s Birthdays first Halloween party of the season was a frightfully good time. Beverly’s was assisted at this weeks party by  Alpha Phi Omega from the University of Pittsburgh.  Thank you to our boo crew for donating their time and enthusiasm! We hope they had a “toad”ally good time!


Eat, drink, & be scary!  Our very scary goblins bellies were grumbling so first we fed them with everyone’s birthday favorite, PIZZA!! Just the smell of this pizza got our creatures of the night mouths watering.  Our pizza for the evening was donated by the Papa John’s located at Centre Ave in Shadyside.  We can’t thank them enough for the very generous contribution.


Beverly’s Birthdays had lots of witchcrafts and ghostly games planned for our ghoullfriends.  The first activity was our pumpkin hats.  Each child was given a pre-cut orange paper plate to create a jack-o-lantern! This is a great choice for parties that eliminates the messiness of pumpkin carving but still lets the children enjoy the fun of creating festive pumpkins!  We used halloween themed foam stickers.  The kids picked out their eyes, nose, and mouth then stuck it on the pumpkin. Abra Cadabra! A festive pumpkin hat!

pumpkinhat pumpkinhat2

The next creepy craft the kids put together are a lot of people’s biggest fear! They have six legs and spin a web. Can anyone guess what is is?? A SPIDER!!! Beverly’s purchased this craft at Target.  The kit came with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sticker shapes, and pom poms.  Each kit contains enough supplies to make 20 hair raising spiders!  Assistance for the younger kids will be needed but easy to follow directions are included with the kit.  Let the kids be creative and pick out the color spider parts of their choice! This itsy bitsy spider was definitely a goblin pleaser!

spider1 spider

The last two spooktacular crafts let the goblins bring out their inner artist.  For the first craft all you need is white paper bags and crayons/markers!  Let the children decorate their own treat bags.  This is very useful if you have games planned with prizes.  There will be no howling over lost treats with a “boo”tiful bag to put them in!  A picture is a great way to remember this year’s boo day and for the memories not to get lost in the cobwebs!  We absolutely loved these festive picture frames also purchased at Target. spookypictureframe Markers and crayons were set out and the goblins got to coloring. We had our new, old school style camera ready.  Who remembers the Polaroid camera??!!
cameraWe really had our monster’s bones rattling when they had to shake the picture to see it! Since we had our monster’s up and mashing we finished our ghoulish get together by playing a game, the pumpkin toss prize patch! This game is very easy to put together.  We were able to continue our Halloween theme in this game by using pumpkin buckets and Halloween prizes.  Examples of prizes include candy, stickers, glow sticks, and/or party bag fillers. Here’s what you need and how to play:


  • 5-6 buckets
  • small object to toss

How to play:

1. Fill buckets with prizes and put in a pyramid shape.
2. Have goblins line up approximately five feet away from bucket.
3. Give monster in line ball and have them toss into any of the buckets.
4. Let the kids go until they get it in a bucket.
5. Have winning boy or girl choose prize from bucket.

This game is guaranteed to have your goblins shrieking! As always we ended the birthday party by singing happy birthday to all the October birthday boys and girls.  Our cupcakes from Brittany/Birthday Cakes for Free Pittsburgh were super spooky and we loved our jack-o-lantern treat bags created by Lori and her family.  The kids were absolutely thrilled with both of your festive creations.

cupcakes treatbag

 We are so “fang”ful for everyone who helped make this spooktacular birthday celebration possible! As always, we had a wonderful time working

Trick or treat
You are all so sweet
Beverly’s thanks you for your contribution
You are truly helping homeless children!

Happy Halloween!


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