Sprinkle Spotlight

Fall is finally here. Like the leaves changing colors, we too can make a change.  By getting involved with Beverly’s Birthdays you can positively impact homeless children in the Pittsburgh area. Fall is a season of giving and we can embrace the concept of giving in our everyday life. Giving doesn’t have to be a financial contribution; you could donate your time or one of your talents. You don’t have to be someone of importance to be capable of making a difference. One must just possess the compassion for helping others. Beverly’s Birthdays is always looking for good hearted individuals to volunteer at our shelters. The more volunteers we can accumulate on a regular schedule, the more shelters we can provide parties for the children.  This week we want to showcase a volunteer who truly touched our hearts. Meet Bob….



Last week, we had the great pleasure of meeting Bob when he came to our office to drop off a large contribution that he had organized.  Bob is from Partners from Quality Inc, a group home for residents with intellectual disabilities. He organized a big donation with other group members. Bob was an absolute delight to have in the office and brought tears to our eyes! He was full of cheer and joy. He was so thankful towards us when we were the ones who were so greatful for his tremendous effort.  It just goes to show that helping others is an amazing selfless action that makes you feel like you are the one receiving a gift.  Bob is a great example that anyone can volunteer no matter what your circumstances.  We can’t thank Bob enough for his offerings. He left an impact on us and will also impact the lives of many homeless boys and girls.

Another great example of giving happened last week.  Last Thursday, was Pittsburgh’s Day of Giving.  Beverly’s Birthdays was excited to be a part of this day and among so many other charitable organizations making a difference in the city of Pittsburgh.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to everyone who made a financial contribution to Beverly’s Birthdays.  Your contribution will go directly to spreading birthday cheer and changing the way homeless boys and girls celebrate their birthdays.  We are so grateful for the one time donations and would love to grow a relationship between our donors for long time donations and volunteering. If you have a desire for helping others and want to work with the homeless population please take a look at our volunteer application via our website.  This season, I challenge every one of you to welcome the concept of giving in your life. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

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