Fall Harvest Frenzy

Last week, Beverly’s Birthday kicked off the start of fall with a harvest birthday celebration at Sojourner House MOMS! There were smiling faces all around with cupcakes, pizza, and games abound!  A generous donation from Lucci’s Pizza filled the bellies of our not so scary scarecrows before starting our fun filled fall activities and games. The boys and girls crafted their very own owl hats (available at Oriental Trading) which were a big hoot!



The kids then showcased more of their artistic ability by painting fall themed sun catchers (available at Oriental Trading).  The next activity was definitely a crowd pleaser when the boys and girls got a sweet treat no one can pass up, donuts!!!  However, we didn’t make it too easy for them to get a mouthful.  We tested their persistence by dangling the donuts off of a tree with a piece of string. The kids then put their hands behind their back and went at it! The persistence definitely paid off, look at this very sweet smile.



To end the evening the kids participated in two exciting relay races.  For the first race, the children were divided into two teams.  The goal was to take bird seed out of a bin at one end and fill up the empty bin at the other side.  The kids were chirping like birds cheering their teammates on!  The last relay was our scarecrow dress up relay.  Two at a time they raced to put on proper scarecrow attire as fast as possible.  Our birthday boy, “Z”, loved this activity so much he didn’t want to take his overalls off!



Every boy and girl was a winner in the night’s competitive races and were rewarded with festive cupcakes from Faithfully Cakes.  The cupcakes were “the icing on the cake” and brought our fall fest theme full circle!  We ended the night with all the children crowded near and spreading birthday cheer to our guest of honor “Z”.Image

The birthday boy received his birthday bin and his guests didn’t leave empty handed either.  Each boy and girl received a treat bag donated from the Hickman family. Beverly’s Birthdays wants to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who played a role in making this fun fall fest possible.  There’s nothing more rewarding than kids’ faces frosted with a smile!



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