Magnificent Mondays: Here’s to Lucci’s!

Ms. Megs and the cheer gang are often asked various questions about our birthday parties. How long does it take to plan a party? How do we come up with a theme? Where do we get the fabulous birthday cakes? These are all very interesting questions, but another question we’ve been asked time and time again regards food — from both our volunteers and the kids!

1. “Is there food?”
2. “When are we eating?”
3. “What are we eating?”

Well, the answers to those three questions are always as follows: 1. Yes, 2. Soon, and 3. PIZZA!
It wouldn’t be a Beverly’s Birthdays party without pizza! This Magnificent Monday, we want to take the time to thank one of our amazing supporters, Lucci’s Pizza. Since our start in February of 2012, Lucci’s has donated pizzas for over 12 birthday celebrations. If you haven’t been to a kids’ birthday party recently…let’s just say that’s A LOT of pizza! Due to the overwhelming generosity of Lucci’s, our funds can be redirected to enhance the birthday experience of more children. The fact that the pizza is so yummy is an added bonus! THANK YOU LUCCI’S for your continued support! If you and your family are around the Squirrel Hill area, be sure to stop at Lucci’s sometime! You will not be disappointed, and in a way, when you support Lucci’s, you support Beverly’s Birthdays!
11162_205070034255_6258908_n526364_534583616593772_1689983490_n11054_534583526593781_649914666_nLucci's Pizza
Lucci’s Pizza & Pasta
1900 Murray Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217


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