A Wonderfully Wild Celebration!

Last week, on June 26th, we celebrated one birthday girl and one birthday boy at our monthly party with Sojourner House MOMS! Our theme was focused on a wild jungle safari! This party was extra special, because we had some VERY unique party guests in attendance. While we waited for the special guests to arrive, we played musical lilly pads instead of the traditional musical chairs! Ms. Megs sang “E-Ah went the little green frog one day” over and over as the number of lilly pads got smaller and smaller. The song was in everyone’s head at the end of the game! The kids also made crafts for their safari adventure. By the end of craft time, the explorers were decked out with colorful decorated visors and binoculars. There was no chance they were missing out on this adventure! So what was the adventure, you ask?! Well, if you haven’t already peeked or guessed…
…When you can’t go on a real life safari, bring the safari to you!
Beverly’s Birthdays was extremely fortunate to have Wild World of Animals come to the party and share a truly unforgettable experience for the kids! As you can see, there was a fox and a monkey, but that’s not all! Other animals included a tortoise, a turtle (the kids learned the difference!), an albino python named Chiquita, a rather large toad, a baby black bear, and more! Because the children were so well behaved, some animals were brought back out at the end so that the kids could see them up close – and yes – even pet them! These explorers were brave!saf5safsnake
Like always, we sang “Happy Birthday” to the honorary birthday boy and birthday girl. There were amazing safari jungle cupcakes provided by Faithfully Cakes. The lion was too cute to eat…almost! The cupcakes were as yummy as they looked! Thank you Faithfully Cakes! The birthday boy and birthday girl are pictured below each blowing out their own birthday candle. At every Beverly’s Birthdays party, we sing to each child individually, no matter how many birthdays are being celebrated!
We always talk about the kids’ smiling faces, and it’s because they truly show why birthdays matter. This wonderfully wild celebration was no different! Simply a”roar”able!

Kristine Sorensen from KDKA also attended the party! Look for Beverly’s Birthdays to be featured soon on KDKA and be sure to tell us what you think!

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