How to Share Your Summer Birthday

Calling All Summer Birthday Party Throwers!
Do you want to help out with Beverly’s Birthdays, but are not quite sure how you can? Not to mention, the kids have a zillion things going on in the summer to keep you busy. Baseball is in full “swing,” and just about every other activity has some sort of camp or practice that the kids need to get to every week! You may even have a summer birthday that requires some serious party planning. We know how busy parents are in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice doing those little things that matter to you!
(photos taken from Pinterest)
Why not encourage your son or daughter to share his or her birthday? When our Founder Megs Yunn first met Beverly, the young girl who had never had a birthday party, she could not believe that she never realized it before. “I felt unbelievably humbled; I did not stop to think for a second that someone may not have ever celebrated a birthday,” says Megs. It can be equally difficult to understand for children who get to celebrate their birthdays every year. By opening your child’s heart to sharing his or her birthday, you are not only teaching a valuable lesson, but you will also witness the joy that kids feel when they realize they are doing something bigger than themselves. Like Megs, you may even be humbled yourself.
So you love this idea, but how do you do it? The answer is very simple! When you send out your child’s birthday invitations, simply include an extra note or postcard explaining that your child wants to share his or her birthday with homeless children. On the Beverly’s Birthdays website, there is a list of items we use frequently under the “donate” tab. You can direct the other parents to the list, or you can suggest items off of the list that reflect your own child’s interests. In the sample below, the post card lists a few options of small items the birthday guests can donate. Use this post card as an example, spread birthday cheer with your kids, and most importantly, have fun! For more information on throwing a Beverly’s Birthdays celebration of your own, contact

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