A Magnificent Bug Birthday Bash!

Spring brings flowers, sun, outdoor fun, and BUGS! From ladybugs to butterflies, this time of year is full of creepy crawlers. For our spring party with East End Cooperative Ministries, we held a BUG BASH on Saturday, April 6. We celebrated all children with birthdays in March, April, and May. We sang “Happy Birthday” to each one of them, and they all got to blow out their own birthday candles. The kids ate pizza and played a caterpillar relay game, but the biggest hit was the crafts! They made bug hats and really showed off their creativity! They also made little foam bugs that some of the girls turned into jewelry. (Both crafts can be seen in pictures!) The cupcakes went perfectly with the bug theme! A big thanks to Autumn Bartels Homemade Sweet Treats for providing them! Of course, the kids got treat bags on their way out the door. Birthday party volunteer Kelly put together bug nets with candy and treats inside (also in pictures). Thanks Kelly! Ms. Megs’ own new little bug, baby Wyatt, was also in attendance for his first Beverly’s Birthday celebration. Like all of Beverly’s Birthdays’ parties, the kids’ smiles were contagious. Our summer party with EECM will be a beach bash, and we can’t wait!

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