Magnificent Mondays: Birthday Present Spotlight

Being a teenager is hard. Imagine being a teenager who goes without the everyday blessings we take for granted, like birthday celebrations and birthday presents. Beverly’s Birthdays is extremely happy to fill this void for our teens at Auberle. Like typical teenagers, they like music, clothes, sports, and getting presents, of course! This past week, Beverly’s Birthdays posted on Facebook four birthday presents that were requested by some of our Auberle teens. They were a Victoria’s Secret lotion/body set, a remote control race car, a female Pitt hoodie, and YuGiOh trading cards. In order to fulfill our mission, Beverly’s needs the help of volunteers and donors to provide gifts such as these. We are very thankful to the four donors who offered to buy these presents. If providing gifts such as these interests you, keep a watchful eye on our social media outlets for the next time we have requests from Auberle. Keep in mind that you can also donate smaller gift items at any time! Beverly’s Birthdays provides birthday presents for boys and girls of all ages every month! This has been a Magnificent Birthday Present Spotlight brought to you by Beverly’s Birthdays. 🙂



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