Magnificent Mondays: Blizzard Bash Recap!

Last Tuesday, January 15, Miss Megs and the Birthday Cheer Squad threw a Birthday Blizzard Bash with our partner East End Cooperative Ministries! We will have four seasonal parties a year with East End, and the Birthday Blizzard Bash celebrated any birthdays in the months of December, January, and February. We sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy, Cameron, and the birthday girl, Jocelyn! After pizza, the wintery games were underway! We had polar bear crawl and penguin waddle races, which were made a little trickier thanks to the snowball (balloon) that had to be held between legs. The kids made awesome penguin hats that you’ll notice in the pictures. The most exciting activity had to be the toilet paper blizzard race which was a round robin tournament. The kids raced to unroll toilet paper while spinning in circles. Talk about a blizzard! The party was topped off with yummy snowman cupcakes. We can’t wait for our spring party with East End Cooperative Ministries. Happy Birthday Cameron and Jocelyn!

The whole gang!
So much snow đŸ™‚
All smiles!
Miss Megs with the blizzard race champion!
Miss Megs with the blizzard race champion!

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