December 28, 2012 is Beverly’s Birthdays Day in Pittsburgh

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We are so proud to announce that, in honor of Beverly’s Birthdays dedication to volunteerism and to the City of Pittsburgh, we have received Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s Citizen Service Award! The Citizen Service Award was established to recognize community leaders and organizations who have contributed exceptional levels of service toward the advancement of Pittsburgh communities.

In recognition of Beverly’s Birthdays efforts and commitment to spreading birthday cheer to homeless children throughout the Pittsburgh region Mayor Ravenstahl has proclaimed December 28, 2012, “Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s Citizen Service Recipient, Beverly’s Birthdays Day” in Pittsburgh!

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Facebook about Beverly’s Birthdays: By proclamation from Mayor Luke Ravensthal today is Beverly’s Birthdays Day in the City of Pittsburgh. Spread birthday cheer!

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12/12/12 Birthday Cheer

A Guest Blog from Megan Foradori:

For as long as I can remember, my favorite number has been twelve.  It’s pretty easy – with a birthday of 12/12, it’s hard to be ‘okay’ with your soccer number being anything else. 🙂  When I do have cash in my wallet, I like to carry $12.  And you can imagine my elation when I found there was a “Lucky 12” bar at milepost 12 on the Outer Banks’ NC-12!!

As soon as I was old enough to realize that dates could be expressed in all digits – like 12/12/12 – I looked forward to that magical day, last Wednesday, and wondered what kind of super-cool thing I could do to celebrate that magical day of twelves!

After deciding that I’d like to help out twelve charities with twelve donated items each, Beverly’s Birthdays was the first charity to come to mind.  A natural fit for a birthday celebration for others — and, wouldn’t you know it, Beverly’s Birthdays’ founder, Megs Yunn, is a 12/12 baby too!  It was meant to be!

After shopping for and wrapping up the wish list gift my husband and I plotted out the day of deliveries. Our first stop was Beverly’s Birthdays office, with twelve storage bins, because sometimes it’s the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s important, too!

I’m honored to share 12/12 with a great person like your own Megs!

We made our twelve stops, and stayed pretty close to schedule, thanks to Pete (my husband)’s great planning.

Our daughter Emma came to help, too – here we are near Magee Hospital for one of the stops – gift cards for coach thank you’s for “Girls on the Run” teams.

Another favorite stop was at The Fred Rogers Company at WQED.  They asked for a monetary donation to help with their “Friends and Feelings” DVD project for children with Autism and their families.  They offered to take a picture of me in front of King Friday the XIII’s castle and Henrietta and X the Owl’s treehouse inside.  As a lifelong fan, I was on cloud nine!!

I’m a big supporter of Girl Scouts – they asked for twelve copies of a new children’s book written about the founder of scouting in the US, Juliette Gordon Low.  Emma enjoyed this stop, too – I imagine that the thought bubble over her head is saying “I wonder where they keep the cookies in here?”

The ‘expectation bar’ was set high – and 12/12/12 went even beyond my wildest dreams.  At the end of the day, my husband gave me access to a ‘twelveaganza” e-mail address, where he had asked friends and family to do one nice thing on 12/12/12 and send pictures to the account.  So awesome!

As Megs so beautifully said when we dropped off the bins that morning, Beverly’s Birthdays is about making great birthday memories.  I have some fantastic memories of 12/12/12 – many moments that I’ll cherish forever! – and I can’t wait to continue helping the Beverly’s Birthday team make incredible, memorable moments for some very deserving young people in our community.

Three – er, twelve! – cheers for Megs, the great work of this organization, and birthday cheer!