Spiderman, Spiderman!

This is how we “roll” at a Beverly’s Birthdays celebration.

In honor of DJ and Zamir’s birthday, we hosted a Spiderman celebration. This fantastic party consisted of delicious pizza, tasty cupcakes and of course loads of Spiderman activities! The kids created spider hats, made Dr. Octopus hands and had a blast wrapping each other in toilet paper (or webs).

The best part about this party was seeing the moms get involved with the kids and participate in the activities. This was our most well attended birthday celebration and we were super lucky to have such great weather! A giant thank you to Five Points Chiropractic and Wellness and Dr. Casey Phillips for sponsoring this celebration.

Our next party with Sojourner House MOMS will be on Wednesday, December 19.

Auberle Birthday Cheer

Beverly’s Birthdays is pleased to announce that on September 10 we hosted our first birthday celebration at Auberle. This party celebrated 7 teenage boys. In order to make their birthday extra special, Beverly’s Birthdays partnered with Games2U to bring a mobile video game theatre to the party. This was a HUGE HIT!

Due to privacy issues we were unable to take photos of the boys.  Provided are some photos of the mobile theatre.. take our word for it, the boys had a blast.

Beverly’s Birthdays also gave the boys their birthday boxes. Ricky, one of the birthday recipients told Ms. Megs, “I didn’t know what to wish for on my birthday, but this is better than anything I could have wished for. Thanks for making me feel special.”  THIS IS WHY BEVERLY’S BIRTHDAYS IS IMPORTANT…. MAKING CHILDREN FEEL SPECIAL!