June Birthday Beach Blast

On June 27 we hosted our 5th birthday party for Sojourner House MOMS and we had a blast…a beach blast that is! Since we couldn’t take the kids to the beach (got to love living in Pittsburgh) we decided to bring elements of the beach to them.  We celebrated Javon who turned 5 and Michael who turned 16 and the boys (as did all of the children) enjoyed themselves.

The evenings activities consisted of musical beach towels, ocean pebble memory, sun visor decorating, water balloon bullseye and sand art! We were so lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers at the party to help it run so smoothly. The children ate pizza, cake and blue (ocean water) jello!

Javon, who is normally shy and quiet. was the LIFE OF THE PARTY! He knew it was his birthday and boy did he strut his stuff…he was loving the fact that he was turning 5 because that was one hole hand he could put up to show people how old he was turning. He told me he loved the “red Power Ranger” we got him. Michael, a great sport, played all of the activities with the younger children. He told me the hat we got him “was tight” and he was going to wear it all the time.  Let me tell you, it is not everyday that I shop for a 16-year-old boy…if it isn’t pink and covered in glitter…I am lost.

We decided to do something different at this party and instead of treat bags, each child got to pick out a new pair of flip-flops…which ended up being perfect because they were going to the pool later that week. They were so excited to pick out their own pair!!

A giant THANK YOU to The Rachel’s, Sarah, Trisha, Erica, Derek, Josh, April, Jason, Ann, Kylie, Cat, Annie, Mandie, Kate, Jim, Kristen and Mike for helping out at the party and to Lucci’s for donating the pizza and St. Raphael’s Ladies of Charity for donating the cake.


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