Secret Agent L Spreads Birthday Cheer…

We would like to send one giant birthday cheer thank you to Secret Agent L for the awesome guest post she allowed Megs to write on her blog.

The Secret Agent L (SAL) Project started in July of 2009 as a way to pay tribute to a friend.  It all started with a single hydrangea flower on the windshield of a car in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Secret Agent L, whose real identity is that of Laura Miller,  goes all over Pittsburgh and leaves little acts of kindness and day-brightening for an unsuspecting person to find.  The SAL Project  has blossomed into an international phenomenon of anonymous acts of kindness, with over 2,000 Affiliated Agents sharing in the fun and selflessness all over the world.  Some of the countries that have participated in the project include Japan, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Laura, you and your fans rock and we without a doubt believe in your mission “Be Kind. No Exceptions.”

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