Meet Amayzsha. Or better yet, as she would say, meet Amayzsha-Simone. This little darling turned 4 back in February at our very first party. This party was “diva” themed because all February birthdays happened to be girls. However, it is as though Megs created this party theme for the diva that is, Amayzsha-Simone. Amayzsha basked in her pampering as Marianne painted her nails and Krystyn put make-up on her smiling face. Then, she rocked our make shift dance floor with her breakdancing moves. When it came time to sing Happy Birthday to this little princess, her smile spread as wide as her face, she clapped her hands in excitement, and of course, hit every camera angle right on point as all divas should.

That smile, energy, and excitement during her Happy Birthday song is one that will never leave us as volunteers. I couldn’t help but look around and acknowledge the fact that this is why we were there. My wise mother has always told me that everything happens for a reason, and here, in Amayzscha’s smile and bright eyes, was our reason staring right back at us.

Since then, we have returned to the Sojourner House for two more birthday celebrations. In March, little Amayzsha began to cry whenever she looked around the room and realized that she wasn’t one of the kids wearing the birthday crowns. After many attempts at explaining to her that this month it wasn’t her turn, we finally gave in and let her wear one for a few minutes and a few photos, of course. In April, I caught Amayzsha sneaking an extra candle into her cupcake. The only thing I could do was laugh because

1. I’ve learned that there’s no arguing with a 4-year-old. Especially if that 4-year-old is as cute as Amayzsha. and 2. Spreading birthday cheer is the reason we show up each month, so while the actual party recipients must always be acknowledged first, why should we not sprinkle a little on Amayzsha while we’re there, too?

All I have to say is…Look out Bieber, Amayzsha’s caught Birthday Fever! You should to by checking us out at

Guest Blogger: Kate Livingston

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