April Pirate Party

April Pirate Parties


Ahoy mateys! Blimey! We had an absolute blast at our pirate parties. The kids loved going on treasure hunts and trying to talk like a pirate. April flew by faster than normal for the Beverly’s Birthdays team and ended bitter sweetly.

The sad news:

Josh Whiteside, one of our fearless leaders for the past six years, left us to become the new Executive Director of The Education Partnership. As sad as we are to see him go, we are so proud of him and excited for his new opportunity! (It certainly helps ease the pain, that we still get to work with him through our classroom cheer kit program!)


The great news:

Josh went out with a birthday bang, executing our most successful fundraiser yet, as the cherry on top of his birthday cheer champion legacy! We celebrated our own “birthday” as an organization at our sixth annual Evening of Birthday Cheer. We partied at PNC Park and raised over $100,000 to continue fulfilling our mission of spreading birthday cheer 365 days a year in Pittsburgh! We cannot thank the attendees, sponsors, and all of you for your continued support!!

Here’s a peek at another one of our cheer champions:

17308867_1420713654647426_1487603102695349862_nName: Alyssa Rapelje

Title: Agency Relations Program Manager

Office Spirit Animal: Bee

An Ohio native, upon graduating from Allegheny College, Alyssa began working with Bev’s as a Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE) Fellow. Outside of birthday partying, she is a youth lacrosse coach, intramural sports participant, and travel aficionado.


Birthday Party Activities

Pirate Hat

We started all of our pirate parties getting into character, by designing our own pirate hats!


This activity is a great option for all ages. The kit includes everything you need, the decorations are stickers that help young kids develop their fine motor sills and older children express their own personal style.

Pirate Eye Patch


Pirate hat: check. Next we decorated our eye patches to complete our look.


After completing their eye patches, the kids felt officially like pirates. Every pirate hopes to find their own special treasure.

Treasure Hunt


Scavenger hunts are not only fun but have many different benefits!


  • Treasure: chocolate coins, candy, small trinkets, etc.
  • Adventure space: area with lots of hiding spots
  • Optional: pirate themed clues

This activity was a hit for kids and moms alike! It got the kids up and moving, working together and practicing their teamwork, and was customizable based on the age and ability of the different groups.

Other Pirate Activities:


In other news, we are hiring! Check out the job description here, and please forward it along to anyone who might be interested! Also, if you or anyone you know likes to golf, consider playing in the Rocker Classic Golf Outing benefitting us. Check out next month’s blog to hear about out DreamWorks Trolls parties! Have a great June, and don’t forget #smilesmatter.

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff


March Emoji Mania Bash

March Emoji Mania


Our March parties were Emoji Madness!!  The kids loved this theme and had a great time acting like their favorite characters.  Also, in office. were getting really excited for our Evening of Birthday Cheer event and were finishing all of the planning and details!

In Beverly’s Birthdays’ land, March consisted of staff focusing on preparing for our biggest fundraiser, The Evening of Birthday Cheer (EOBC), which takes place in April. Meanwhile, we really had to rely on our awesome volunteers to keep up with some of our other projects. For example:

bday in a bag

♥ Youth from St. John Capistran donated and made over 100 birthday in a bags for us!

♥ 80 Mount Lebanon Girl Scouts completed 150 classroom cheer treat bags and added a homemade birthday card to each of them!


BNY Melon group

♥ A BNY Mellon volunteer group came to the office and helped us sort legos and clothes, and keep our office space organized in the midst of our event chaos.



♥As usual, our cupcake donors went above and beyond!

♥Our superstar party volunteers did a fantastic job engaging the kids, making sure everyone had a great time and that the birthday kids felt extra special.


This tiny sampling of support we received in one month is just a mere glimpse of the consistent support we garner.  It is because of you we have been able to celebrate over 30,000 Pittsburgh kids and continue to spread joy and cheer every day.  Our volunteers are the heart of our organization.  Without your generous support, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.  THANK YOU!!!

Meet the person who coordinated and made all of these volunteer projects happen:

img_3601-e1525187952147.jpgName: Kate Livingston

Title: Director of Community Engagement

Office Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Miss Kate, who has a long history with our founder Megs, volunteered at the very first Beverly’s Birthdays party!  She supported our organization and stayed involved even from afar, as she earned her Masters in Public Communication from American University.  When she’s not coordinating cupcake drop-offs or speaking about us at social events, she enjoys traveling, watching all things Bravo, and obsessing over Beyonce.

Birthday Party Activities

Emoji Accessories

We had a great time designing our own emoji bracelets and necklaces at our March parties! Check out some of our super cute models above.


  • assortment of beads (we used all different kinds including these smiley face beads)
  • string
  • Ziploc bags

We pre-filled Ziploc bags with an assortment of beads and string.  This allowed us to pass out the activity quickly and keep the beads contained.  The kids could write their names using our alphabet beads, work on identifying their colors with the rainbow beads and increase their grasping and visual motor skills.

Emoji Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are one activity that we use frequently.  It is a fun game for all because you can increase the difficulty of hiding spots depending on the age of the participants.  Also, older kids love to take on the task of hiding the eggs for the younger ones.


  • Plastic eggs
  • Candy or toy fillers
  • Sharpie

Prior to our parties,  we had some awesome volunteers stuff  our eggs with candy and draw faces on them.  At the parties, our volunteers hid the eggs.  We then sent the kids off to find them.  One tip we have found helpful is setting a number of how many each kid gets to find.  This great activity provides an opportunity for kids to express their emotions (I am sad because I can’t find a third egg or I am happy because I got chocolate).

Emoji Photo booth



The kids’ favorite part about the emoji party was acting like their favorite emoji. We danced acted silly and used props to show off.


  • emoji photobooth props ( extra activity could be making these out of coloring sheets, play dough or colored paper or foam and popsicle sticks)
  • Camera

The kids love to see themselves on camera.  They ask us to take their picture, will dance and make funny faces all without prompting.  When the kids were old enough, we would play charades, trying to get everyone to act out their favorite emoji.


Look out for our next post on our April Pirate parties!  We will also show some pictures and tell you more about our Evening of Birthday Cheer.  Don’t forget #smilesmatter

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

February Winter Olympic Party

Olympic Parties


Let the games begin!  In tandem with the actual Winter Olympics, we had a blast competing in our own Olympic games throughout our February parties.  At these celebrations we were reminded that we all have our own unique, individual talents and we are special.

We also had a HUGE, exciting event happen in February.  For those of you who don’t know, late last year, Ms. Megs met a little girl named Becky, a youth in the foster care system.  When Becky arrived at her birthday party, she was wearing clothing that was at least two sizes too small.  Becky had been sent to a foster home the week prior, but had returned to the facility by the time of the birthday party.  For both these moves, her belongings had been packed into trash bags – and most of her possessions didn’t return in the shuffle.

From this, Megs got her inspiration for our sixth program, The Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique! This is a mobile fashion truck, which will be outfitted with new/never worn clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

In February, we were able to acquire the vehicle that will help bring this program to fruition!


As exciting as this news is, we still have a long way to go to get this program up and running.  We need to add our Beverly’s Birthdays style design and decorations to the truck, obtain the clothing and product to fill the vehicle and ensure the financial and in-kind sustainability of the boutique.  We have secured some clothing already thanks in large part to American Eagle and Delivering Good, but we still have a ways to go.  You can help us out here.  Keep a look out for updates and more information about the Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique, and thank you to those who have supported this initiative so far!

One person who will have a big hand in our truck re-vamping, is our in-resident seamstress and newest employee:

IMG_3466Name: Melissa Heid

Title: Inventory and Operations Program Manager

Office spirit animal: Flamingo

Melissa is a Pittsburgher, through and through. Although she was adopted into the Beverly’s Birthdays family in August, she has already taken over the toy shop, made it into her own personal dollhouse (fitting, as she personally collects Barbies), and continues to be a confident, courageous woman who spreads cheer and happiness on a daily basis (She was a girl scout for 13 years!). Outside of work, Melissa likes to bake and sew.  Lookout for her at your next Zumba class!

Birthday Party Activities

Opening Ceremony



To open our February parties, we paraded and danced around the room at our very own opening ceremonies!  We picked what countries we wanted to represent (sometimes made up our own and designed our own flags to go with our country), and got our bodies up and moving.


We used this opportunity to talk about our favorite sports and activities, show off our dance moves, and practice sharing and passing the torch.

Olympic Ring Toss



This fun activity helped us work on our colors and our hand eye coordination.  We started out working individually, trying to land a marshmallow in whatever color ring our referee called out. We then moved to the team event, where together we tried to land a marshmallow in each colored circle as quickly as possible!


  • Olympic rings (Can also be made with pipe cleaners)
  • Mini marshmallows

Face the Cookie Race



  • Oreos
  • faces

For this race, we placed one Oreo on every child’s forehead. They then had to move the Oreo from their forehead to their mouth, without using their hands! This was a silly fun game with guaranteed laughs and a yummy snack once the challenge was complete.

Olympic Ring (toddler activity)



As seen in previous posts, we love sorting and matching activities for our toddlers!  This provides a fun way to work on our counting and color skills as well as fine motor skills.


  • Fruit loops (can use m&ms, skittles, colored goldfish, etc)
  • Sorting sheet

Other Olympic Activities



Guess what time it is?! It’s EVENING OF BIRTHDAY CHEER time!!! You’re officially invited to Beverly’s Birthdays 6th birthday party. On Thursday April 19th, at PNC Park from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, join us to party with a purpose! All guests will enjoy with their ticket purchase unlimited ‘gourmet’ ballpark food, two drink tickets, fabulous silent and chance auctions, the ‘Build-a-Bin’ experience, and much more! Get your tickets here! Your support and attendance at An Evening of Birthday Cheer goes directly towards creating more birthday magic for children in-need. We hope to see you there!

Next month we will be discussing our emoji mania parties! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news and information about Beverly’s Birthdays!! Don’t forget #smilesmatter.

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

January Art Parties

Art Parties


Beverly’s Birthdays put the art in party to kick off the new year!  The art party theme unleashed the kids’ creativity and brought some bright colors and joy to the long, grey January days.

A new feature we are going to include in these monthly blogs is a Beverly’s Birthdays spotlight highlighting a member of the Beverly’s Birthdays cheer squad. We are going to start with our Beverly’s Birthdays employee family. First up is our newest recruit:

IMG_2893_previewName: Mallory Michalko

Title: Greatest Intern in the World

Office spirit animal: Panda Bear

Mallory is from Philadelphia, PA and currently attends University of Pittsburgh for Applied Developmental Psychology.  In her free time, she likes to volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, bake chocolate chip cookies, and watch reality television.

“For my third birthday we went to Disney World and we ate breakfast with Cinderella. Since then, I have loved anything and everything Disney, and that is my favorite birthday memory.”

Birthday Party Activities

Paint Your Own Canvas


For one of our January activities, we creatively engaged our kids by providing them their own canvas to paint. This not only allowed them to use their imagination to transform a blank slate into something magical, but also had the additional benefit of being a great take home favor from the party.


  • Canvases
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes,
  • Napkins/paper towels
  • Plates
  • Water Cups

We placed a variety of different paint colors on the plates and filled the water cups. Every child received a paint brush, blank canvas, and napkin. They shared the paint plates and water cups to make their unique creations.

Create- a – Crown

For this fun activity, we got to wear our completed craft on our heads for the remainder of the party.  Peeling the backs off the stickers helps facilitate the toddlers’ neat pincer grasp development and bilateral hand coordination.


Every child got to choose what color crown they wanted. We placed all of the different sticker sheets in the middle of the table, and let them decorate away.  These particular crown kit stickers were in different shapes which provided a fun teaching/learning moment for the party attendees.  This activity also helped us work on our sharing skills, as we were sharing the sticker sheets.

Fruit Loop Color Sort Game


We worked on our colors, counting and sorting skills for this game.  This activity not only physically enhances a child’s fine motor skills, but is also a beneficial cognitive development activity because the kids’ must identify and then classify objects based on similar or different characteristics.


Every child received a bowl of fruit loops and a sorting mat. They then placed the color fruit loop on the matching colored circle on their sorting mat.  Once they got the hang of that, we worked on counting how many fruit loops we had of each color.  As a prize for doing such a great job, we got to eat our fruit loops when we were all done!

Lots of excitement happening in February. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news and information about Beverly’s Birthdays!! Don’t forget #smilesmatter.

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

Elf December

Elf December


What a year 2017 turned out to be! We expanded our reach to new agencies in Pittsburgh, added additional staff members to our Beverly’s Birthdays family, received national exposure through numerous different media projects (including an NBC Nightly News spotlight!), and most importantly, we helped celebrate a bunch of deserving kids and let them know that they matter!

December was a huge donation drive month for us. Numerous organizations collected toys and party supplies on our behalf.

  • Negative: Our toy shop was looking barren heading into the holiday season. Think toy shop drought!IMG_3110
  • Positive: The shelves were so empty because we provided more presents last year than any other year before! As a sneak peak of our impact this past year, in 2016 we celebrated the births of 250 babies through our Itty Bitty Birthday Cheer program. In 2017 we celebrated 442 newborn babies!!

We not only achieved all of our 2017 programmatic goals, we blew them out of the water. Plus, thanks to these collections, our toy stock has been replenished enabling us to continue to provide awesome presents to our deserving kids!   This was possible all because of your support. Look out for our annual report in the near future to learn more about how many people we serviced and in what ways.

CCChampion Camden and the presents he wrapped for Beverly’s Birthdays along with the birthday card he hand-made.

One of our favorite projects that happened throughout November and December was the Miracle on Smithfield Street campaign. We teamed up with CCChampions for a holiday donation drive. CCChampions is another local nonprofit that matches kids with cancer with an inspirational role model who supports them through all the transitions of the cancer journey. With support from The Grable Foundation, we invited downtown businesses to donate to our cause. The CCChampion kids then used the donations to purchase and wrap gifts for our Beverly’s Birthdays kids. We love seeing kids helping other kids and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with two other amazing organizations! A special thanks to the Grable Foundation and the Burke Foundations for matching donations.

In other exciting news, we received our first shipment from Delivering Good. Throughout 2018, Delivering Good will provide us with a plethora of in-kind donations of an assortment of different products. In our first shipment, we received 36 pallets of legos… 36 PALLETS!! If this is any indication, we cannot wait to see what is in store in the coming year,

Birthday Party Activities

Elf Hats


In December we got to design our own elf hats! This was an awesome creative outlet that allowed us to express our own unique style.


Everyone received a foam hat cut-out, fastener, and an assortment of stickers. They then got to decorate however they wanted! Some kids chose to write their name while others completely covered their hats with no foam showing through.


We also got to make these super cute elf ornaments. Upon completing his, one of our birthday boys, Jay, informed us he would be hanging his on his bedroom doorknob.


The kids got to choose which elf they wanted to make. They then put together their elf, and wrote their name on the back with the Sharpie so everyone knew who’s elf belonged to who.

Additional Activities

Other News

  • Big thanks to our Champions of Cheer who created and implemented awesome projects to benefit Beverly’s Birthdays. We look forward to honoring these little champions at our annual luncheon on Saturday, January 20th.
  • There are still open volunteer opportunities for parties in January! Check out what’s available here.
  • Save the date! More information to come..
    • Evening of Birthday Cheer- April 19
    • Highmark Walk- May 12

Happy New Year to all! Here are some final thoughts on 2017 from our Founder and Co-Director Megs:

As we embark on a new year of spreading birthday cheer I just want to personally thank ALL OF YOU for the love, kindness, and support you continue to show us each and every year.

As I reflect on 2017 I can’t help but think of something my son Wyatt said – he said we should all “have a happy heart”.

I like to think that what we are doing each day, by spreading birthday cheer, is giving thousands of children and families the opportunity to have a piece of happiness in their heart. This is what matters – this is the hope, joy, and comfort these children deserve.

It is hard to believe that we have been doing this for 6 years and I am so excited to see what 2018 can bring.

It is a privilege, honor, and joy to wear the Cheer Captain hat and I thank all of you for believing that #smilesmatter

Gratefully yours,

Ms. Megs



One in a Minion

November Minion Parties!


We had a lot to be thankful for in November. We were able to celebrate 84 birthdays at our 16 minion themed parties alone last month!  Also, at our first annual Great Birthday Bake, we welcomed kid bakers from all across Pittsburgh to compete in a cookie competition at The DoubleTree by Hilton Cranberry.  36 contestants competed across 5 different categories all in hopes of claiming the glory of being the overall best cookie champion.  A big congratulations to all of our contestants, and a special shout out to Kate Boyle who clinched the Overall Best Cookie title with her Santa’s Snickers Surprise!

FullSizeRThe Born This Way Foundation chose us as their Pittsburgh charity for The Channel Kindness Tour.  As a result, we had the opportunity to collect toys at the pre-party leading up to the Lady Gaga concert.  Even Lady Gaga’s mom Cynthia and Grandma Gaga brought us presents! A big thanks to Alex and the Born This Way Foundation team for all of their support.

Both of our co-directors had huge accomplishments in November. Ms. Megs attended the Stevie Awards in New York City where she received national acknowledgment for the great work she is doing, and Mr. Josh set up an all-time record of holiday toy drives for Beverly’s Birthdays, setting us up to continue to provide the most awesome birthday presents for our kids in 2018. Thanks to our fearless leaders for their continued passion, encouragement, and dedication to spreading cheer and letting every child in Pittsburgh know they matter.

Birthday Party Activities

Play Dough Minions

This month our kids enhanced their fine motor skills while using their imaginations to create their very own minions out of play dough! The results were truly one in a minion.


  • Assorted colors of play dough (lots of yellow)
  • googly eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • Make some minion mats (optional)

Every child received a plate with an assortment of play dough, googly eyes, small pieces of pipe cleaners, and were let loose to create the minion of their dreams. Some modeled their minions after characters from the movie while others made 9 eyed, 3 eared masterpieces.

Minion Bingo

FullSizeR (1)

There are few things our kids enjoy more than screaming BIIIINNNGGOOOO at the top of their lungs and picking out a prize from the prize bag. This particular bingo game was especially challenging because all of the minions looked very similar to the other. We had a great time trying to act out the minions being called.


This a great game that not only is fun but encourages collaboration and healthy competition. We love seeing our older kids help the younger ones find and mark the correct pictures during this game.

Additional Activities

Other News

  • Shout out to all of our supporters contributing to the 27 toy drives currently IMG_3166being completed in honor of Beverly’s Birthdays!
  • Thank you to the Pirates Charities for making our program manager Melissa’s dream of meeting Bell and Cervelli come true!
  • We are still hoping to make our dream of the Beverly’s Birthdays’ Boutique a reality. Please check out https://www.gofundme.com/fashion-truck-for-homeless-children to learn more and consider making a donation.
  • All of our January volunteer opportunities are posted. Join us in 2018 by signing up HERE.

WE ARE EXPANDING! In the new year we are adding 10 additional agencies. This not only means many more volunteer opportunities including cupcake bakers, treat bag makers, and more, but most importantly more deserving kids receiving love on their birthday!

Finally, we want give our sincerest thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Beverly’s Birthdays magic that happened in 2017. You are truly the heart of our organization and we could not do what we do without you. Thank you, happy holidays, and we can’t wait to see what the new year has in store! #smilesmatter

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

October Parties

The Land of Cheer in October

October was a busy month for the land of cheer.  Not only did we get to celebrate our birthday kiddos at our Skeleton Soirees, but we also got to party with expectant moms (and a new week old baby!) at two Lovebug baby showers!

Another exciting event that happened in October was our Champions of Cheer kick-off.  For those of you that don’t know, Champions of Cheer is a youth leadership development training which culminates with each young leader designing and implementing a fundraising project in their community benefiting Beverly’s Birthdays. This is one of our favorite volunteer projects of the year because we get to see kids helping other kids through their own creative, inspired ideas!

One way kids, and adults alike are able to give back year round is through our Birthday Give-Back program.  Countless people have turned their own birthday into an opportunity to help others. Typically participants of this program invite guests to bring needed Beverly’s Birthdays items or monetary donations to their own celebration in lieu of personal presents. We provide downloadable promotional materials including:


all in preparation for the celebration. This idea stemmed from Miss Megs.  When she heard Beverly had never had a birthday celebration, she said would have given up all 26 of her celebrations if it meant Beverly and other kids would feel acknowledged and special on their birthday.  This program is also awesome because there is room for individual creativity. If you want to use your birthday to give back and have a different idea on how you want to do it, great! Some other ideas on how to do this:

  • Create an online fundraising page with Beverly’s Birthdays as the nonprofit the fundraiser is benefitting
  • Hire Fairytale Princess Visits for your event. They donate a part of the proceeds from every Fairytale Princess Visit to us!
  • order catering for your party from Moe’s southwest Grill! Moe’s has a Buy One Give One program where they donate food for one of our parties for every party someone uses their catering for.

Quick shout-out to all of you, THANK YOU land of cheer for your support! Our volunteers and donors are the heart of our organization and without them, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.  As we continue to expand and grow, our support base does as well.  We are continually overwhelmed by the generosity and love our supporters share with the kids and families we service.

Birthday Party Activities

Wooden Skeletons

This month our main activity was designing and painting wooden skulls! We always say our parties are contained chaos, but painting is one activity that our kids will sit down, focus and take their time on, painting their own unique creations.


  • Wooden skulls
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plates
  • Water cups
  • Napkins/ wet wipes

Every child received a plain wooden skull, a paint brush, water cup, and paint.  We unleashed the kids’ imaginations and the results were awesome!  Some kids made pretty, sugar skull looking masterpieces while others made bloody zombie skeletons, and everything in between.

Skull Magnets


Another craft the kids’ especially liked this month was making skull magnets. This activity also encouraged creativity as the kids were just given a blank skeleton head and a bunch of sticker options, and they got to choose how they wanted to make their face.


This craft is a great option for all ages because there are few supplies needed and self-adhesive stickers make for minimal cleanup.

Additional Activities

Lovebug Baby Showers

Three times a year we are lucky enough to throw baby showers to help our expectant moms celebrate their new babies. These parties are a change in atmosphere from our chaotic kids birthday parties, but fun in their own unique way. These baby showers include food catered by Moe’s Southwest Grill, baby shower games, awesome prizes, and of course cupcakes!



This month’s baby shower theme was lovebug! We played lovebug bingo, lovebug baby babble, and lovebug price is right game.  All of our moms walked away with an itty bitty bin in preparation and celebration of their little lovebug.

*Big thanks to Jasmine Cho, owner of Yummyholic who donated these awesome cookies as party favors for the guests.

Other News

  • Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Star 100.7 have partnered with us to throw a pre-party toy collection before her concert on Monday November 20th!  We will be collecting toys at the pre-party at the Cambria Hotel and Suites and the whole time leading up to the start of her show!
  • Shout-out to South Fayette Elementary and Middle Schools for completing an awesome toy drive for us.  They donated over $10,000 worth of new toys and $2500 worth of party supplies.
  • Congrats to our very own Miss Megs who was recently celebrated as one of Pittsburgh’s 40 under 40 honorees!

As we head into the holiday season, our Co-Director Josh is super busy setting up holiday drives to re-stock our barren toy shelves. If you or your company is interested, please email getinvolved@beverlysbirthdays.org! Also November’s minion-themed parties are sure to result in some great photos so make sure to check back here next month. #smilesmatter

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

September Seuss Spectacular

IMG_4015 (1)

“Today you are you! That is truer than true!

There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

For all of our September birthdays we partied Dr. Seuss style!  This month’s theme in particular is near and dear to the Beverly’s Birthdays staff.  As Dr. Seuss once said, “You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  Through our celebrations, we hope to create moments that turn into lifelong happy memories for our children and families.

In providing birthday celebrations for homeless children and families in need, we interact with lots of people who are facing tough hardships.  Because of their circumstances, both parents and kids feel constant stress which results in negative health outcomes including higher risk for anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.  We aim to relieve them of some of their worries while we take a moment to pause from daily life and just party! Seuss Invitation

Research indicates that healthy self-esteem exists when we believe that we are valued, competent, worthy, admired, and accepted. Through our programs, the children we serve gain confidence and feel worth because of the attention Beverly’s Birthdays party staff gives them.

One question we get asked a lot is why do birthdays matter?  As our Co-Director Josh likes to explain, think back to your childhood and tell us what your typical day looks like? We bet you can’t, but if we ask about your favorite birthday memory, most of us can come up with an answer.  As one of our kids reasoned, “the great thing about birthdays is that you get one just for being yourself.”  You don’t have to earn it in any way, everyone is special and deserves their own special day to feel like they matter because they do. Birthdays matter, smiles matter.

Party Activities

“Fox In Socks”

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with kids of all ages, then this Dr. Seuss craft is a great option!  You only need a few supplies, and by the end of the party your little foxes will be able to rock their own unique socks.

Creative opportunities are not only fun for kids, but important for their self-expression and mental development.  They are able to try out different ideas and implement their own unique visions.


  • Plain white socks
  • Fabric markers/Sharpies

Every child received a pair of plain white socks and markers.  We intentionally didn’t provide any prompt on how to decorate their blank canvas, and the results did not disappoint!  Every child had their own distinct, special design that showcased their amazing imaginations.  Some of the children turned their socks into puppets, while others asked for a larger size to make them into a present for their sibling or parent.

“Hop on Pop”

After we got the creative juices flowing and the brain grooving, we wanted to get the kids’ bodies up and moving.

Physical activity is beneficial for people of all ages, but particularly for young children because it helps promote healthy growth and development including gross and fine motor skills. (Look out for more information on this next month!)


  • 1/2″ (large) bubble, bubble wrap

We led the kids through a series of  variations on how to progress through the bubble wrap line! (hop on two feet, hop on one foot, you can only use your elbows, etc.)

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

For some of our younger demographic, we used everyone’s favorite fish snack to help the kids along their Pre-K track.

Matching and sorting activities through play help children to begin to learn math concepts, enhance and support cognitive development, and practice their fine motor skills.


Every child received a pack of rainbow goldfish and printable. We first had them sort the fish into their correctly colored goldfish bowl. We then had the kids complete the patterns. After we completed both sheets, we got to eat our fishies.

Other Dr. Seuss Activities



More Fun

Shout-out to all of our awesome volunteers! This month we saw lots of creativity from our cupcake bakers. Here are a few of our favorites:


Other News

  • We had a HUGE opportunity to have a spotlight on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Thursday, September 21st. Watch the clip here!
  • October’s theme is skeleton soiree. There are still volunteer opportunities available.
  • The Great Birthday Bake (a kid’s cookie baking competition) application is now live. If you or anyone you know is interested in entering, attending, or learning more check it out!

Next month we will be discussing our skeleton soirees, lovebug baby showers, and how you can use your birthday to give back! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news and information about Beverly’s Birthdays!! Don’t forget #smilesmatter.

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff

5 Years of Cheer!

Image result for 5th birthday

Greetings from the Land-of-Cheer!

We are filled with joy and excitement as we head into the Spring season! At the end of April, we will be returning to PNC Park to celebrate our fifth birthday as an organization!! We cannot help but take this time to reflect on what all has been done since our inception…

If you have ever been to a Beverly’s Birthday party, you know first-hand the happiness our organization is able to produce. What you might not know however, is how much your support means to us and to what extent it has made an impact! For this reason, we are going to walk you through our accomplishments, just in this PAST YEAR (2016).

Check it out!!

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Beverly’s Birthdays is best known for the birthday celebrations we host at our 50+ partnering agencies. There’s no question as to why either…this is truly the most fun program we run! Each month, we host anywhere from 10-15 parties throughout the Pittsburgh region. Every month is celebrated in a different theme as well! Program Managers, Martina and Kate, go into each party knowing that while there is a typical party-format, ANYTHING is fair game. We have had spontaneous dance parties, minute-to-win-it face offs, tons of crafts, face painting, special guest appearances, party games and more! Top that off with delicious food, catered by MOE’S Southwest Grill, birthday cupcakes, treat bags and gifts, and you have an unforgettable evening.

We like quote our good friend, Dr. Seuss – “You never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”. This is exactly why we do what we do…Our goal is to create positive memories that will last a lifetime.

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Our Cheer Bin program takes a close second to the parties in terms of popularity. Who wouldn’t be excited to receive a physical bin filled with “CHEER”!? If you haven’t had the opportunity to assemble a cheer bin before, it is essentially our version of an amped-up birthday gift. Each bin we put together has an age appropriate reading book, coloring/activity book, crayons, tooth brush, tooth paste, snacks, candy and other miscellaneous goodies. We pair each bin with one large item requested by the child. While we don’t get the privilege of seeing every child open their birthday cheer bin package, when we do…it is PURE-JOY!

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Our Birthday in a Bag program is perhaps the most popular amongst our volunteer groups. It’s a great opportunity to collect, assemble and be creative with your service work! If you are unfamiliar with this program, it is exactly what it sounds like: we create a BIRTHDAY and put it in a BAG! Each bag is centered around a gender and/or theme: Dora, Spider-Man, Frozen, Minions…YOU NAME IT…and the bag contains everything a family would need to celebrate a birthday in their own setting. Bags include cake mix, frosting, napkins, plates, forks, cups, candles, streamers etc.

Once we assemble these bags, we deliver them to our local food banks and other partnering agencies so that they are stocked up and ready for some partying!

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Our Itty-Bitty program is precious to say the least. For this program, we combine the concept of our birthday parties with our Cheer Bin program. Instead of throwing a birthday party, we host Baby Showers and hand out Itty Bitty Birthday Bins as the shower gifts.

We recognize that the birth of a child is the first chance a mother gets to celebrate the child’s life! For this reason, we love getting the expecting mother’s we serve excited about the new joy they are bringing into this world. Baby Showers are hosted seasonally, and each mother that attends receives an Itty Bitty bin with size one diapers, baby wipes, bottles, binkies, board books, baby onesies and a toy. We have also partnered with our friend Jasmine at Yummyholic, who creates beautiful and delicious favor cookies for the showers. They are an absolute blast!

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We are gearing up now for our 2017-2018 Classroom Cheer Kit Program. Every child loves and deserves to be recognized amongst their peers at school. This includes being recognized on their birthday! With the help of the Education Partnership, we have been able to support our local public school teachers in recognizing their students with our “Classroom Cheer Bins”. Each bin contains 30 birthday pencils, crowns, badges, bracelets, cheer chants and more. We also pair the bin with a big calendar for the teachers to record their students’ birthdays on! This year, we are excited to include some birthday super-hero capes and birthday activity books!

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Each of the programs listed above would truly not function if it weren’t for the support of our volunteers! From attending birthday parties, to baking cupcakes, to assembling treat bags, to inventorying toys at our office, to assisting with our big-scale events and MORE…We are so grateful for their hours and willingness to share their talents to support our mission. Each birthday smile shared through our organization is a true reflection of the volunteers’ work and kindness. Stay tuned for some fun April news! We will be honoring our volunteers for National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

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Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read what we were able to accomplish in 2016, it thrills us to share that in the past 5 years, we have been able to recognize over 15,000 birthdays through our programming!!! If this isn’t incentive to celebrate…we truly don’t know what is!

We hope you will join us in doing just that, at our Adult-Baseball-Birthday-Bash at PNC Park on Thursday April 20th. We have so much fun in store and would love to have you there to celebrate with us. You can follow this link to learn more and secure your tickets! Until then… We wish you BIRTHDAY CHEER!